An in-depth discussion with Australian filmmaker Bill Bennett about PGS

On the Road with Penny recently went to a Houston screening of “PGS Intuition is your Personal Guidance System” by Australian filmmaker Bill Bennett. It is a documentary that was inspired by an instance 18 years ago that saved his life. A voice that audibly told him to “slow down” saved him from being creamed by an 18-wheeler at an intersection in New Orleans. Not a religious or spiritual person, Bennett was curious as to what that voice was and needed to find answers. The question plagued him for years until he could no longer ignore the urge to find answers. He traveled the world and interviewed experts from all walks of life- scientists, educators, theologians, yogis, spiritualists and more. He spent three years gathering over 100 hours of interviews and spent another two years of editing resulting in an 83 minute video providing answers.

The movie is compelling and should be viewed by everyone, no matter what their belief system is. Bennett especially wanted to do the film from a masculine point of view and I think he achieved that goal admirably. Currently the movie is only be seen in special screenings, but will be available for streaming online beginning April 4 at 4:44 p.m. at

After the film a 40 minute Q&A was held with Bill Bennett and Dr. Rita Louise, author and medical intuitive who was one of the experts in the film. Here is the unedited video of the Q&A. It is kind of dark, because the theater didn’t bring up the house lights until almost the end, plus they had music going then till then too, but there were some very good questions asked, so it is worth trying to hear the discussion. I hope you enjoy the discussion and make an attempt to see the movie. I feel it is worth your time.

Interested in Dr. Rita’s Books? Check out Avoiding the Cosmic 2×4 on Amazon or Dark Angels.

Two other Bill Bennett movies I located available on Amazon: Two if by Sea, Uninhabited.


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